It’s a brave new world and we are gonna try this a little differently!

The whole idea is I am 62 years old now and I want to slow down a little! I don't want to be tied down to this office everyday, and everyday. So we are gonna mix it up a bit. Most of what we do we can do by contacting me via the phone or I will get some kind of app so you talk with me from this website. If you need to have your equipment repaired, you can drop it off at home, or I can meet you somewhere. Whatever works. I want to build a new building that will serve me in retirement. So I will be busy....but Circle Systems is important to me and to you, so together we can figure out how to do this! Thanks for the 16 years of support from all of you! Looking forward to the next 16 years!

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Easy way to get your equipment repaired

Upper Midwest's Finest Service Department Open Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Malware, Virus, Toolkit removal Hardware repair Personal PC Design Cloud backup services

We provide a personal touch to your business's IT needs.

Hardware Setup and Support Securtiy and Data Backup Wired or Wireless Networking Cloud backup services

Proven Track Record with Corporate and Government Agencies.

Hardware Setup and Support Securtiy and Data Backup Wired or Wireless Networking On-site Storage

Circle Systems provides you with a complete plethera of internet activities and support.

Website Hosting and Design Search Engine Placement Off Site Data Storage Cloud Services

Apple iOS

Using the latest diagnostic tools, we are equipped in diagnosing the problem and making your repair happen.

Desktop System

Our aim to minimize the problem from reoccurring and offers you low cost repair work that is essential for your computer.